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Hurricane Andrew taught South Florida a big lesson about hurricane damage -- that winds alone are not the major cause of damage and window/door failure. It is the impact of flying objects. This information changed hurricane codes forever. The codes currently focus more on impact protection in addition to the ability to withstand high wind intensity.

Gulfstream offers a full line of impact replacement windows and doors using many different manufacturers. Impact products consist of heavy-duty aluminum frames with impact resistant laminated glass. The glass consists of two (2) panes of glass bonded with a special laminated interlayer that keeps the glass intact, which prevents the damaging winds from entering your home. Although the glass might crack, it will not allow any flying object to penetrate. The impact glass also absorbs sound which helps the noise from outside coming in. The same effortless protection for hurricanes also provides protection from intruders keeping your family safe 24/7 and 365 days a year. Gulfstream also installs non-impact windows and doors with approved shutters required by current Florida building codes.
Here is a list of our manufacturers:
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Advantages of Impact Windows & Doors


Impact windows and doors are engineered to meet hurricanes head on. They can withstand impacts from flying debris, followed by hurricane-force winds and the glass will still remain in its frame.


By filtering out 99% of UV rays, impact glass helps shield your furniture, carpet, artwork and window treatments from the effects of fading caused by the sun. Window tints and Low-E coatings are also available that help reduce solar heat gain, increase comfort and help you better manage energy costs.


The laminated glass in impact windows and doors absorbs sound rather than transmitting it, which helps to keep the world and its disruptions outside where they belong.


Breaking a window is the most common means of entry for an intruder. But with impact glass, the same effortless protection that guards against hurricane damage also deters intruders. While normal windows shatter easily upon contact, the durability of impact glass keeps windows in one piece.


Impact products also contribute to reduced insurance premiums. Contact your insurance provider to see if you qualify for discounts.