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Did you know that your sliding doors and windows require maintenance?

Corrosion is naturally occurring deterioration of a metal caused by reaction with its environment and especially oxygen and salt air. The result is the production of white spots and crystallized elements on aluminum. Moisture, oxygen and salt all contribute to the corrosion process. In a humid climate and coastal area where moisture is saline or salty, such as South Florida, corrosion and electrolysis can occur very fast. Electrolysis also occurs when using two different metals such as steel and aluminum. Gulfstream Windows & Sliding Doors offers a maintenance program to help with the early deterioration of your doors and windows. We offer to replace your current steel rollers with nylon rollers in aluminum casing; we will lubricate each opening (tracks, rollers, locks, door frames, windows, etc.) with a silicone spray. The spray will help with premature corrosion and deterioration of your doors and windows as long as the program is kept current. Gulfstream recommends that the doors and windows be maintained every six (6) months. 

Maintenance Program